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Since the first herbal medicines were accidentally discovered and the first beauty aids employed, there has been a market for information about the way our bodies work or fail to work, and about techniques for making them more attractive. Many books have been written about health and as many, if not more, about beauty. Bold and Beautiful (www.boldandbeautiful.net) is a blog about women and for women. It will deal with two aspects of life that are essentially interlinked: health and beauty.

Hi, I am Lipi Akhter, the owner of Bold and Beautiful (www.boldandbeautiful.net). I am a housewife. Reading books, watching television and traveling is my hobby. I have read a plenty of books and articles on women’s health and beauty and fashion. And here in Bold and Beautiful, I’ll share my experience with you.

It will be unfair to claim that Bold and Beautiful will contain everything a woman wants to know about herself – all about her beauty and healthcare: such a website, as far as I know, has not yet been published, nor in practical terms is it likely to be. However, I shall gradually attempt to cover as many aspects of being female as possible.

A woman’s health and beauty depend on many factors.  The most important of these include genetic inheritance and the environment in which she grows up and lives. Our genetic inheritance will to some extent dictate our general health – our potential size and strength, predisposition to certain diseases or physical peculiarities, the basic shape of our bodies, the color of our eyes, skin, and hair. For the rest the environment in which we live – the food we eat, exercise we take, people we grow up with, schools we attend, circumstances in which we live – has an important bearing on the kind of women we ultimately become.

We cannot alter the genetic factor. If we are born beautiful, for instance, we are blessed. If we are born strong and healthy, we are doubly so. But, thereafter, our parents and guardians and later we ourselves are largely responsible for molding the finished product.  Our body is a machine. If the machine runs well, it is likely that its components, both internal and external, will also function well. However,  a healthy beautiful body-machine may not guarantee a peaceful mind and a happy soul, but these are more easily achieved through keeping healthy and beautiful than through neglect. And never before have had women had so many chances to be both healthy and beautiful.

We have all the essential requirements around us. Foods are in abundance, and we have a wide choice of food. Medical services enable us to monitor our health and seek help if we are less than fit, and which in most cases, offer us ways of rectifying the situation. We have the opportunity to keep us fit through forms of exercise which are enjoyable.  Thousands of beauty aids, from cosmetics to heated rollers are there.  Moreover, we have access to a mass of information and advice through literature and the electronic media. And yet, the fact remains that many of us are far less fit and healthy than we could or should be.

The stress of life today are numerous. We may try to combine the activities of housewife, mother, working woman and lover. Many of us work in polluted atmospheres, often under great pressure; and live in over-crowded conditions. Over-eat and under- exercise is our daily routine. And, against all this, we are perhaps more aware than ever of trying to beat the time-clock. In the words of the Thirties song, we are admonished continuously ‘to keep young and beautiful…..if you want to be loved’.

Due to the pressures of our modern, industrialized societies, we are, so far, removed from the slower, more ‘natural’ lives of our ancestors. Many experts say that our bodies function at maintenance, let alone high-performance, levels – particularly when they are additionally abused by drugs such as alcohol, nicotine, stimulants, and tranquilizers. We may even realize that we are behaving unwisely, but seem to be caught on a treadmill of necessary activity or compulsive behavior, and it takes the strength of purpose and a definite goal to be able to slow down and get off.

I hope that Bold and Beautiful (www.boldandbeautiful.net) will provide information and guidance to all women, no matter what their age or circumstance. The website will publish essentials for basic healthy living – food, exercise, and hygiene – through to more elaborate programmers aimed at developing and maintaining our bodies at a high level of fitness.  It will include numerous ways of catering for, cosseting and beautifying our bodies. I have not assumed that one problem is of more importance than another. Because, since we are all individuals, our problem will be as great or small as our reaction to it.

A little knowledge, it is often said, is a dangerous thing. I hope that Bold and Beautiful  (www.boldandbeautiful.net) will give you a lot of knowledge as it grows. It will dispel myths, offer facts and provide new information to any woman who seeks to know more about herself and her beauty. I also hope it will be a guide to women wishing to be not just as healthy and beautiful as nature intended, but a little more besides.

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