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Contouring Face Shapes and Makeup Ideas

Apart from plastic surgery, there is nothing you can do to alter the basic shape and structure of your face or features. However, it is possible to fake good bones by shadowing and highlighting or contouring. But it must be done subtly or not at all. Walking around with a jaw shaded dark brown, and a white streak down the center of your nose is not going to fool anyone. The way you make up your eyes, where you put blusher, shadier and highlighter and even the color of your lipstick are all simple ways of coping with facial faults. Here you will find descriptions of various  face shapes and makeup ideas for contouring face shapes. The goal is to emphasize the good points and disguise the bad.

Contouring Face Shapes with Makeup
Contouring Face Shapes with Makeup

Contouring Face Shapes: Contour Square Face

A square face has wide cheekbones and a strong, wide jawline. In order to contour square face you have to use a shader, one tone darker than foundation. You have to use it under cheekbones, outer to hairlines and down to and under points of the jaw. What you are trying to do is to soften the square edges and make your face appear longer and thinner. Shader blended from above temples to outer corners of forehead helps to narrow top of the face. A light blusher on cheekbones and chin will lift them. Use a dark eye-shadow under the eye and on the lid from the inner point of the eyebrow to the outer edge, sweeping slightly upwards to the outer line of the brow. Blend highlighter under the center of the brow to the outer edge. Be tidy under the outer corner of eyebrow and brush upwards to emphasize line.

With a bright lipstick make top lip slightly pointed. This, with the light blusher, will help to make the chin appear more pointed. It is important that your makeup has no horizontal lines. All shaping and shading must lift outer edges of face to give the illusion of lifting the jawline. Because a square face can look rather heavy, makeup must be particularly well done. Although the lipstick and shadow used are dark in tone, the final effect of the whole makeup must be delicate, not harsh.

Contour Square Face
Contour Square Face

Contouring Face Shapes: Contour Round Face

This is often a little plump around cheeks and jaw, hiding underlying bone structure. Shape by shading, one tone deeper than foundation, in a triangle under cheek-bones and either side of chin. Use blusher on cheekbones and forehead from eyebrow out to hairline. Put dark color on eyes taking shadow in towards nose, with highlighter on the center of the lid. Shade nose either side with highlighter on bridge and tip. Keep lips pale and narrow.

Contouring Face Shapes: Contour Long Face

Long faces are not always extra-ordinarily ling but one which appears long in proportion because it is thin and narrow. In order to contour long face you have to round out the contours of the face and create width with blushers, highlighter, and horizontal lines.  A warm blusher above eyebrows blended up to hairline, and on and under the point of chin helps to reduce length. To achieve width across eyes, use a pale, silvery shadow along the whole width of the eyelid, blended to the outer corner of the brow, and make socket line with a softly smudged pencil. Under brow, blend highlighter out to full width.

Contour Long Face
Contour Long Face

Use pale eyeliner under eye from inner corner to middle and carefully blend with a softly smudged pencil under lower lashes, taken out to a slightly extended line which also helps to create the illusion of width. Use highlighter on and under cheek-bones and add blusher slightly lower on cheeks. Blended them across the width of cheeks but not out to hairline. This will widen face across the center. Lips will also give width if you wear pale lipstick taken out to corners of the mouth, with highlighter along the line of top lip to emphasize the horizontal line.

Contouring Face Shapes and Makeup Ideas: Contour Oval Face

An oval face is considered to be the perfect face shape. There is no need of contouring face shapes. All that the lucky owner has to do is to use makeup to emphasize the lovely bone structure. Certainly, no correction is needed. Use bronze shadow on eyelid and mark socket line with a softly smudged brown pencil. Fill in the area above socket line, from the inner corner of the eye to the outer edge of the brow, with a pretty pearly-pink eye-shadow. Use a clear blue kohl pencil along the edge of the eye above lower lashes to widen eyes and emphasize the color and sharpen with the finest line of softly smudged pencil under lashes. Blend blusher on cheeks almost to hairline to emphasize face shape and give lips their full curve with rich, deep pink lipstick.

Contour Oval Face
Contour Oval Face

Contouring Face Shapes: Contour Heart Shaped Face

A heart-shaped face is disproportionately wide across the top of the narrow, pointed chin. In order to redress the balance and contouring face shapes, you have to apply makeup carefully. Use blusher on cheek-bones and shader one tone darker than foundation, blended out to hairline. It will pull in cheeks and give your face more shape at its widest point. Use golden eye-shadow on the lid, with smoky blue from inner corner up to brow and from under eye to the outer corner of the eyebrow. Add highlighter to the center of the brow and a line of blue-grey kohl under lower lashes, following upward line at the outer edge. This helps to reduce the width by bringing attraction towards the center of the face. Put a little blusher on the chin, blend in highlighter on each side, and make mouth generously curved in a warm-toned, pale lipstick to round out chin and give width to lower part of the face.

Contouring Face Shapes: Pear-Shaped Face Contouring

A pear-shaped face is bottom heavy. In order to contouring face shapes, you need to minimize width across the chin and add width across the forehead. Blend a paler foundation than above normal eyebrows and up to the hairline. Use a lighter blusher on cheek-bones but do not take color out as far as hairline. Because it will have the effect of narrowing your face at the top. From under cheekbones, blended down in a triangle shape to points of the jaw, use a shader one tone darker than foundation. Lips should also be dark to minimize width across the lower half of face. Eyes are strong and dramatic with dark shadow. But you should use lots of golden highlighters, lifting up and out to eyebrow to increase width   across brow line. Use a grey kohl pencil above lashes from the middle of the eyelid to outer corner and under bottom lashes along the full width of the eye.

Pear-Shaped Face Contouring
Pear-Shaped Face Contouring

Contouring Face Shapes does not mean that you have to follow the shading for your face shape religiously. You can learn different makeup ideas from various sources. But your goal should be to achieve a better understanding of your face. Attractive faces come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, and ages, most of them a long way from the classic oval shape. The first lesson is to learn to make the best of what you have, however imperfect it may seem to you. Small eyes can be made to twinkle like stars, a fat face can look charming, and a huge mouth can grin infectiously. Beauty is not just bone structure and skin; it is very much a question of vitality and expression as well.


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