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Different Plastic Surgeries for Women

There is nothing wrong if you want a better look with plastic surgery. It has become very popular today in western society. A simple plastic surgery would make you look better and feel better psychologically. Let us discuss different plastic surgeries for women seeking a better look.

Plastic Surgery Before and After
Plastic Surgery Before and After (By Sue Campbell/U.S. Air Force (http://www.aetc.af.mil/news/story.asp?id=123131265) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons)

Different Plastic Surgeries for Your Nose

There are different plastic surgeries for shortening, straightening or building up of the nose.  In reduction excess bone, cartilage and tissue are removed. To enlarge a small nose silicone and cartilage are implanted. The short operation is performed form the inside, so there is no scarring. The nose remains in a plaster cast for a week. But recovery is quick, and the effects are permanent. A few people complain of a diminution of the sense of smell and increased congestion with a cold. Doctors usually recommend this operation when the shape of the nose is a professional drawback or causes psychological problems. It can be performed once features have settled after adolescence.

Different Plastic Surgeries for Your Chin

Chin remodeling corrects a receding or prominent chin by adding or removing bone or cartilage. Sometimes a silicone implant is inserted. An incision is made in the mouth for the operation and, depending on the extent of the surgery; two to twelve weeks are spent recuperating. The operation is often done in conjunction with orthodontic work. A simple double chin, however, may be corrected as part of a face-lift. It can be also done by a shorter operation in which a Z-shaped incision is made under the chin, and excess fat and tissue are removed. The effects of a chin operation usually last forever and often re-balance a profile in such a way as to make other surgery unnecessary. Remodeling should not be done until features have settled.

Different Plastic Surgeries for Your Breasts

Breast reduction or augmentation to reduce breasts or lift dropping ones is a complex operation involving three incisions: under the breast, down of the nipple, and round nipple. Excess fat and skin are removed and usually re-positioned. Scars fade in a few months but seldom disappear altogether, and function of the nipple may be imp0eded. Post-operative care is strict and complete recovery takes up to a year. The effects last for ten years or more. But the operation is only for mature women over the age of seventeen years. The breast augmentation operation stretches the skin so that it will cover inserted implants (prostheses), which are filled with either gel or saline. These are inserted through incisions, made either under the breast or at the side near the armpit, and then stitched to the wall of the chest. The augmentation operation is most helpful in case of non-radical mastectomies or if breasts are of very different sizes. It should not be considered until child-bearing years are over.

Plastic Surgeries for Your Breasts
Plastic Surgeries for Your Breasts

Different Plastic Surgeries for Your Eyes

Different plastic surgeries are applied for removal of ‘hoods’ or sagging excess skin around eyes. The process need an incision either bellow lower lashes or tin hollow under the brow bone and remove a section of skin and fat at the same time. Scarring is rare as tissue round eye is particularly resilient, but the swelling is unpleasant at first. This simple operation can be performed any time after adolescence, as eye problems are sometimes inherited rather than caused by age. You should never have all eye wrinkles removed as this creates an unnatural look. But the successful operation is remarkably effective and should be considered before a full facelift. It lasts up to ten years.

Plastic Surgeries for Your Eyes
Plastic Surgeries for Your Eyes (By Oleg Tymofii [CC BY-SA 3.0 (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0)], via Wikimedia Commons)

Different Plastic Surgeries for Your Stomach

Stomach Reduction is a very delicate operation for removing excess skin (often the result of pregnancy stretching the skin and abdominal muscles) from your stomach. The process involves an incision low in the stomach along groin crease and up over hips. The slack skin is drawn down and removed, and muscles are tightened. The pubic hair hides the lower scar, but hip scars rarely disappear completely. The operation is effective for up to ten years. But you should not ask for this until you have decided not to have any more children, nor in cases where over-weight is the real problem. However, excessive slack caused by drastic weight-loss can be treated.

Different Plastic Surgeries for Your Ears

Re-positioning or ‘pinning’ of Ears: A tiny incision for removing excess cartilage behind each ear is enough to correct fly-away ears. The skin is then tightened and stitched up, and each ear is bandaged flat against the head. It will take two weeks and to heal. The effect of the operation is permanent, and side-effects are extremely rare. This surgery is suitable for any age after four.

Different Plastic Surgeries for Your Inner Thighs

Inner-thigh lift removes unsightly bulges and controls fat as far down as knee. It involves removal of excess fat and tissue with an incision in the groin on the inside of the thigh. Often a second incision running vertically down thigh is necessary, and of course, this will leave a scar. It is a time-consuming operation which can take up to four hours. This operation is for those who have failed to reshape their thighs by strict dieting and exercise. It should not apply to those who have already corseted middle age.

Different Plastic Surgeries: Face-Lift

Among different plastic surgeries for your face, a full facelift is very popular. Surgery here rectifies the sagging that occurs in three facial areas: drooping eyebrows, crow’s feet, and frown lines; slack cheeks and nose-to-mouth lines; loose chin and neck. The three-to-four hour operation involves working on underlying muscles as well as simply removing excess skin. For a full face-lift, the skin is lifted in three parts and incisions are made in hairline above temples, in a fold in front of the ear, and under lobes. The only scar which shows are that in front of the ear: it should fade in a couple of months. Some surgeons prefer to take this incision behind the ear. Recovery depends on individual skin chemistry but may suffer long term puffiness. Loss of facial expression can can result, causing a bland look. The effects of the operation last from five to the years. Women under forty should not be the candidate for this operation. And it is often a good idea to try a simpler operation round eyes first. Beware of a ‘mini face-lift’ which simply treats the skin at temples – it will not last.

Face Lift Before After
Face lift before and after (Credit: Lifestyle Lift via flickr.com)

Different Plastic Surgeries for Your Upper Arm

Removal of excess skin and fat from upper arm: The incision lifting upper arm is hidden beneath limb, and a long incision running down inside of arm takes care of the rest. It is usually S-shaped following the skin’s natural relaxation lines. However, the scars are difficult to conceal. It is not a very common operation. It is only for those who have already had other body surgery.

Different Plastic Surgeries for Your Buttock & Thighs

Correction of fat buttocks and outer thighs: Lifting a dropped bottom and reducing outer-thigh bulges. This long and complicated operation involves cutting away crescent-shaped sections of skin and fatty tissue from the area where thigh and bottom join. Scars do not fade completely, and recovery is slow and uncomfortable. Young and middle-aged people should only contemplate the operation. Most surgeons will just perform it when persistent dieting and exercise have failed.

However, expecting an operation to change your life or your personality fundamentally is not ‘reasonable’.  Remember that people who often derive the most from different plastic surgeries are those who have their shapes altered for purely professional reasons. Those who approach it in a practical, almost casual manner. People, who have had a motor accident, fires or other kinds of mishap, and need significant skin grafts and plastic surgery, are also usually positively and reasonably motivated. And women who have had a breast or part of a breast removed have every right to expect a good remodeling job, depending on how radical the mastectomy has been.

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