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How to Determine Your Lip Shape

The infinite variety of shape, size, and position of features is what gives each face its unique identity. Heaven forbids that we should all correct, change and disguise our looks to meet some socially accepted idea of what is averagely beautiful. A simple change of lips can give a face great strength and individuality, or it can spoil facial balance. So it is important that you know how to determine your lip shape.

Determine Your Lip Shape
How to Determine Your Lip Shape

How to Determine Your Lip Shape: Flat Mouth

Lips of a flat mouth may have a well-defined curve but are flat and lacking the soft, rounded shape which is so attractive. Darker lipstick is used at outer corners of the mouth to push lips forwards. A paler tone is used towards the middle of lips with a highlighter at center top and bottom to make them appear a little plumper.

How to Determine Your Lip Shape: Thin Lips

Very narrow lips deprive a mouth of expression, so curves need rounding out. Outline lips very softly with lip pencil just outside the natural line. Then smudge line so that it almost melts away. Fill in with a paler lipstick on top lip than the one used on the lower lip, although neither should be too deep in tone. Be sure that lipstick covers lip line so that there are no hard edges.

How to Determine Your Lip Shape: Wide Mouth

A big mouth can be attractive if lips are prettily shaped. Take foundation over lips and powder to cover natural lines. With lip pencil draw in shape just inside the natural line, stopping short of corners of the mouth, making a neat cupid’s bow. Always fill in with a dark-toned lipstick, which will reduce the prominence of lips.

How to Determine Your Lip Shape: Ageing Mouth

With age, lips lose their smooth outline, particularly if teeth have been removed, and tiny lines running up or down from lips appear. Lipstick ‘bleeding’ into these tiny creases spoils the shape of lips and the groomed appearance of make-up as a whole. So, how to determine your lip shape? Always take foundation over lips, then powder blot thoroughly and brush away any surplus powder. Carefully outline lips with a dry-textured lip pencil, as it is important to avoid anything which might make lips greasy. With a tissue, soften the lower edge of the bottom lip, as a hard line here is every aging. Fill in lips with medium-toned lipstick and blot. If gloss is used, it should be only in the center of the bottom lip.

Determining various lip shapes
Determining various lip shapes

How to Determine Your Lip Shape: Unbalanced Lips

This is when one lip is thinner than the other. If the top lip is too thin, extend lighter-toned lipstick outside natural line of lip and fill in lower lip with a darker tone to reduce thickness. If the bottom lip is too thin, extend pale lipstick over natural line of lower lip and fill in the top lip with a darker tone.

How to Determine Your Lip Shape: Drooping Mouth

Drooping mouth gives a sad, down-turned expression to the face. But it can easily be made more cheerful by taking a line with a lip pencil from the corner of lower lip up to just above corner of the upper lip and filling in, in fact drawing on a little smile. This effect is increased by carefully emphasizing the indent at the center of the top lip.

How to Determine Your Lip Shape: Uneven Lips

Sometimes one side of the lips does not match the other. This is particularly noticeable if it is the top lip. Use a lip pencil to outline top lip, rectifying the shape, then smudge line carefully to take away the hard edge. Fill in new shape with medium-toned lipstick.

How to Determine Your Lip Shape: Button Mouth

This is usually neatly shaped but because it is small it can look a little mean or bad-tempered. So button mouth needs to be given a rather more generous size. This can be done extending natural line sideways just beyond the natural corner of the mouth. Take care not to increase the height of mouth. If lips are not too thick you can afford to flatten out Cupid’s bow a little to increase the horizontal effect and thus make mouth appear wider.

Correcting various lip shapes
Correcting various lip shapes

How to Determine Your Lip Shape: Sensitive Lips

It is impossible to achieve a smooth, glossy finish to lip makeup if lips are chapped, cracked or peeling. So before learn how to determine your lip shape, you must have enough ideal of the sensitivity of your lips.

The skin of the lips is very sensitive and can react painfully to adverse weather conditions, both cold and hot. To protect lips, always use a moisturizer under your lipstick. A little petroleum jelly smoothed on to your finished lips will do a double job, giving a glossy finish and effective protection. In the hot sun, a special barrier cream is often necessary.

If your lips are well protected but still crack, you may be allergic to your lipstick. Try switching to a different brand, preferably a hypo-allergenic one with perfume and other known irritants screened out. If this does not help, see your doctor. An allergy to nail polish can cause a reaction on the lips if you touch your mouth frequently. If you find that your lipstick changes color on your lips, try using the special barrier cream under your lipstick.

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