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Occasional Change in Facial Appearance

Once you feel confident about your basic makeup, it is a good idea to make occasional change in facial appearance. This is partly because it prevents you getting into a rut and partly because light changes quality from summer to winter and from daylight to artificial light and this affects the tone of your cosmetics. Never try a new makeup just before going somewhere special. You will probably be nervous and short of time and will finish in tears, not even like the final effect. Experiment when you have the right light and plenty of time to continue.

fresh daytime face
A fresh daytime face

Occasional Change in Facial Appearance: Holiday Face

Always make a little change in facial appearance during holidays. Skin tone is warmed by natural tan or tan-tinted moisturizer and copper-toned glosser on cheeks. Bronze eyeshadow on lids looks natural and sunny. Sun-tipped lashes can look very attractive, but if eyes need definition, you should use water-proof mascara very well brushed through. Better still, have lashes dyed before the holiday. The dye looks completely natural, is water-proof and lasts about six weeks. Add copper gloss lipstick and a few freckles lightly dotted on with an eye pencil and softly smudged.

Occasional Change in Facial Appearance: Fresh Daytime Face

A natural pearly-tint foundation is used with soft pink blusher on cheeks for shape and color. Silvery-pink shadow on lids with highlighter under brows widens eyes. Thin coats of mascara, carefully brushed through, and very fine eyeliner drawn inside lashes gives eyes definition. Shiny red lipstick makes a pretty smiley shape.

Occasional Change in Facial Appearance: Dramatic Evening Face

Evening is a high time to change in facial appearance. The foundation is pearly pale with a worm rosy blusher for shape blended out and up beyond eye level, lightly dusted over with translucent powder. Eyes are given strong emphasis and cleverly tilted by blending bronze-purple eye-shadow on the lid and up to brow at the inner corner only and lightly under lower lashes. Highlighter lifts outer curve of the brow. Strong smudged lines of kohl circle eye, dipping down at the inner corner and slightly up at outer corner. Several coats of mascara add to shadowy looks. Lips are strongly shaped with deep red lipstick.

dramatic evening face
A dramatic evening face

Occasional Change in Facial Appearance: Fun Face

A simple, natural-toned foundation and blusher from the base of this makeup are enough.  Lips are strongly defined in red but all the emphasis is on eyes. Gold eye-shadow stick coats lids, with a copper-toned shadow, blended just above and highlighter under the brow. Eyeliner circles eye inside lashes, which are given generous coats of mascara. Gold shadow stick is used to draw long, curving lines up face and forehead to continue on to hair, each line ending in a gold star fixed with a tiny dab of eyelash glue.

Fun Face
Fun Face

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