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Occasional Change in Facial Appearance

dramatic evening face

Once you feel confident about your basic makeup, it is a good idea to make occasional change in facial appearance. This is partly because it prevents you getting into a rut and partly because light changes quality from summer to winter and from daylight to artificial light and this affects …

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How to Make Body Moisturizer at Home

Homemade body moisturizer

Moisturizer is very important for your skin. It is essential not only for dry skin but also for all skin types, especially in winter season. You can buy a moisturizer from any beauty shop. But the best way to save money and get pure moisturizer is to make your own. …

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Eye Makeup Ideas for Different Eye Shapes

Eye makeup ideas

The biggest mystery of the beautiful appearance is hidden in the eyes. Whether it is dense black eyes or blue, beautiful eyes have attractive magical power. During makeup, everyone wants the eyes to look big and beautiful. Here are some eye makeup ideas for different eye shapes. Eye Makeup Ideas …

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How to Determine Your Lip Shape

The infinite variety of shape, size, and position of features is what gives each face its unique identity. Heaven forbids that we should all correct, change and disguise our looks to meet some socially accepted idea of what is averagely beautiful. A simple change of lips can give a face …

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How to Wash Your Hair with Shampoo

How to Wash Your Hair with Shampoo

A shampoo is simply a cleansing agent. This may seem to be a statement of the obvious, but it is easy to lose sight of this fact with such a wealth of products on the market, many claiming almost magical properties. The basic requirements of shampooing are that it should …

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Contouring Face Shapes and Makeup Ideas

Contouring Face Shapes with Makeup

Apart from plastic surgery, there is nothing you can do to alter the basic shape and structure of your face or features. However, it is possible to fake good bones by shadowing and highlighting or contouring. But it must be done subtly or not at all. Walking around with a …

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Different Plastic Surgeries for Women

There is nothing wrong if you want a better look with plastic surgery. It has become very popular today in western society. A simple plastic surgery would make you look better and feel better psychologically. Let us discuss different plastic surgeries for women seeking a better look. Different Plastic Surgeries …

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Deep Teeth Cleaning Before and After

Deep teeth cleaning is necessary for sweet smile

Ideally, you should clean your teeth and gums and the upper surface of the tongue after every meal.  But a really deep teeth cleaning before and after each meal is better than half-a-dozen token efforts during the day. Cleaning your teeth and gums properly should take at least two-and-half minutes. …

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How to Color Your Own Hair Like a Professional

Coloring your hair

All hair coloring and bleaching involve chemicals, and any permanent color change will alter the structure of your hair. Effects depend on the natural color and condition of your hair. It is obviously best to have coloring done by an experienced professional who can assess what will suit your and …

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Your Daily Skin Care Routine at Home

Follow a daily skin care routine at home

Understanding that you know your skin type and have chosen your products to suit, you must now allow yourself an extra few minutes, night and morning, to complete your daily skin care routine at home. It must become as automatic as cleaning your teeth. Your skin is changing – sloughing-off …

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