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Where Do Vitamins and Minerals Come From

The human body needs proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins minerals, and water. For energy, the body uses carbohydrates, fats, and proteins. For growth and repair, it uses proteins, minerals, and water. And for the control of its functions, it uses proteins , vitamins, minerals, and water. But where do vitamins and …

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Golden Rules of Eating for Health

Follow the golden rules of healthy eating for health

Quite simply, like all animals, we need food and the nutrients it contains to build, restore, and repair and process our bodies. Like any machine, the body can only function if it receives the substances it needs to keep it in working order. But we can actually survive for a …

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Common Methods of Food Preservation

Freezing Food Preservation

Very few countries are agriculturally self-supporting today. Population growth throughout the world has meant that all countries import and expert some food. With the passes of time, food will decay and become inedible and toxic and dangerous to human body. So certain foods have to be preserved. Today food industries …

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How to Eat Healthy for Beginners

Follow a Routine for Healthy Eating

If you think your body as a machine, it will help you to buy and eat the right kinds of food. The fuel you need should be adequate in quantity and high grade I quality. Here are some rules of how to eat healthy for beginners: How to Eat Healthy …

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